The Engage 2 Act Board

Our board is here to energise and empower the passionate collective of practitioners and people who are interested in community engagement. It also enables Engage 2 Act to be an officially recognised not-for-profit organisation which opens-up opportunities such as research projects, funding, grants and more. 

The role of our Board is to provide overall governance and strategic direction of Engage 2 Act as an organisation, and assist local champions (that's you!) to organise local events and make Engage 2 Act happen around the world. 

Board members: 


Becky Hirst


With almost two decades worth of experience in working with communities across two continents, Becky knows that whilst engaging communities in decision making can be incredibly rewarding, it can at times be both personally and professionally challenging. Becky is passionate about supporting others in the profession, as well as advocating for best practice engagement and pushing boundaries within the sector, hence she's the captain of our ship. For more info on Becky, connect with her via LinkedIn


Desley Renton 


Desley Renton is a multi award winning community engagement strategist with over 20 years experience both in government and the not for profit sectors.  Desley's experience includes leading the design and implementation of the City of Melbourne Community Engagement Framework and managing a team of specialists that pushed the boundaries of innovation and organisational excellence. Des has a particular interest in organisational change and capacity building. Previous IAP2 International and Australasian President roles has provided her with a unique insights into CE practice at a global level.  She currently runs a CE consultancy based in Melbourne, Victoria. Connect with Desley on LinkedIn. 


Andrew Coulson


He tweets, pins and blogs about it. Never one to say no, since moving to Australia, Andrew is always looking for opportunities to learn and build on his experience of #communityengagement. Developed in the valleys of Wales, the farming towns of Derbyshire and the diverse housing estates of North London Andrew is trained to be person centred and be visual in communication. Interested in how online can be used to complement tools and techniques that have been adapted and developed for many years face to face, Andrew is now ready for the next step in ensuring engagement is meaningful, timely and co-produced. Connect with Andrew on LinkedIn.


Amy Hubbard


Amy is the CEO of Capire, a specialist community engagement consultancy based in Melbourne. Amy is passionate about the intersection between community engagement and community development. The meeting point where people are empowered and they have clarity about the future. Read more about Amy here.


Eleanor Howe


Eleanor has been passionately working in the community engagement space for the past eight years. She is skilled in collaboratively preparing tailored strategies to undertake inclusive community engagement and likes to challenge clients and peers to think outside their usual toolbox. Bringing a warm and genuine approach to any relationship, Eleanor believes in great and honest communication. She enjoys listening to people’s stories and likes to weave the opportunity for sharing stories and experiences into her practice. Having recently moved to Wellington, Eleanor is working at Just Add Lime and is excited about furthering her community engagement knowledge and networks. Connect with Eleanor for a chat or to find out more.


Anthony Aisenberg


Anthony is an established urban planner and Founder of CrowdSpot, a map-based community engagement organisation leading the way at the intersection of urban planning, citizen engagement and technology. His passion for community engagement stems from a drive to ensure that important planning decisions reflect the views and priorities of citizens. Connect with Anthony.


Megan Girdler 


Fascinated by futurism, the human condition and science fiction, Megan is the wildcard in our midst. She’s created digital tools and strategies, to engage diverse communities: from coal miners in North Queensland and Australian scientists, to PR professionals in New York and business executives in Brazil. Currently, she’s freelancing with organisations to harness online engagement for better business decisions and outcomes. Connect with her on LinkedIn. 


Sandra Jerkovic 


Sandra has been working to improve project outcomes for people and places around Australia, the UK and Pacific for over 14 years. She looks for ways to encourage communities to be part of the planning and decisions that affect them– no project is too small or too controversial, but all are better when ideas and opinions are shared. Sandra is Technical Executive, Stakeholder Engagement for the global consultancy WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff. Connect with Sandra


Clare Murrell 


A passion for local democracy started when Clare was a graduate at the Victorian Local Governance Association in it’s early years. Believing that the best action comes from collaboration, Clare has spent the past 15 years working with local governments and community groups including facilitating a range of networks. She relishes in the discussion, ideas and creativity that comes from getting a group of like-minds together. Curious about what motivates social movements and public participation, she is also determined to understand and create strategies to reduce barriers that prevent people getting involved in government decision making. Now, Clare is working collaboratively at Yarra City Council to improve the way community engagement is planned and implemented, with an emphasis on inclusive practice. Connect with Clare on LinkedIn.