Get Ready...

The program/overview of the whole (un)Conference is available here! In addition to this, we'll be using an app called ShowGizmo too to keep you connected - details to follow on the run up to the event!

    RSVP for the Party

    We hope that (un)Conference attendees can join us at the networking dinner. Please RSVP here to help us prepare a great evening. 

    Bring your enthusiasm and your love of community engagement. Bring your willingness to share and learn from peers. Bring both your serious side AND your sense of humour!

    If you are able to, please bring your own reusable cup and water bottle. 

    We highly recommend you bring your smart phone or tablet to use our (un)Conference app, ShowGizmo. 

    What to bring

    Special Requirements

    We know your dietary requirements and will have all bases covered but do you have any other requirements that we should know about such as access, hearing and vision? Please email us at unconference@engage2act.org to let us know.

    (un)Conference Marketplace

    The (un)Conference will be providing an open space for anyone (organisations, consultants, individuals) to share information relevant to our work in community engagement. With this years theme being 'for the love of community engagement' we thought people would like to share the love.

    So in a little corner of the (un)Conference we will dedicate a table for information that promotes your business, business cards, branded merchandise, publications and if your feeling generous shared resources. A space for posters will be made available too. 

    To ensure this is carried out in a fair way there are a number of set criteria for those wishing to display information for free to our attendees.

    1. To ensure no waste occurs please only display up to 200 of each item you bring over the 2 days;

    2. To ensure fair use of space please only display 1 poster and up to 3 different promotional items;

    3. If you display information during the (un)Conference you are obliged to ensure any leftovers are collected at the close of the (un)Conference;

    4. Pop-up banners are restricted to (un)Conference advocates only;

    5. Items displayed need to be about or in relation to the field of 'community engagement';

    6. Adverts for jobs or voluntary opportunities should be displayed separately on a 'jobs board' that will be provided;

    7. The materials displayed must not depict any derogatory term, profanity, political viewpoint or image that maybe seen as offensive to other attendees; 

    8. The materials displayed must not depict 'fake news'.

    Stay connected at the (un)Conference... details for download coming soon!


    Environment Policy




    Engage 2 Act is committed to minimising the impact of its activities and events on the environment. Our care for the natural environment is embedded into all our decision making and activities.

    We help to preserve the environment by using the principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling. We encourage our collective to walk, cycle or catch public transport to events and aim to use locally sourced resources and materials.

    Social Media 


    The official hashtag for the event is #E2A17 and we can't wait to see your coverage of the event on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Please make sure your profiles are set to public so that we can view and share your photos!

    Getting there





    The (un)Conference is taking place at St Kilda Town Hall, 99A Carlisle St, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

    Public Transport is not only strongly encouraged, we insist! St Kilda is famous for scarce parking. Instead of driving why don’t you:

    Catch the bus, tram or train - Check out the PTV journey planner
    Catch a Taxi or Uber
    Ride your bike - parking available in the area