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Engage 2 Act is a collective of individuals committed to progressing community engagement practice.
We foster, develop, nourish, lead and break new ground in citizen engagement. Our motto is courage and innovation.
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About Engage 2 Act

Our mission

To promote, support, advocate for and advance the practice of community engagement. We do this through providing a strong network of interested individuals that we bring together via local events, social media and professional development opportunities. 

What is community engagement? 

Community engagement is the process of people being involved in their community, working with each other, or with government or other organisations, to make decisions or solve problems together. It's about conversations, strengthening relationships, building capacity, empowering people and coming up with worthwhile outcomes for the benefit of the community. Members of our collective all have different definitions of engagement and you can read more about this on our blog

How E2A started

Engage 2 Act started when a small group of South Australian based community engagement practitioners began meeting in early 2013 because they felt present forums for practitioners were too removed from people and practice, inaccessible to most and were not pushing boundaries. At a gathering in June 2013, they decided to start running 'engagements' to reach out and invite others along on their journey. And so Engage 2 Act was born. Little did they know the same sentiment was felt amongst their colleagues interstate. Engage 2 Act Victoria was launched in September 2013. In January 2017, the decision was made to launch Engage 2 Act across Australia & New Zealand as a not-for-profit organisation giving us a strong foundation on which to grow. 

Who runs Engage 2 Act?

We are run entirely by volunteers who donate their time to organising events, running social media, and other behind the scenes tasks. During 2017/18 we dabbled with the idea of being a formal organisation with a Board of Directors but decided instead to focus on a grassroots collective approach, returning to a local committee and project working group structure. If you’re interested in volunteering your time, email engage2act@gmail.com to gain access to the E2A Engine Room.

What's the difference between IAP2 and Engage 2 Act?

We see that there are more similarities than differences. IAP2 is a highly respected player in the community engagement sector. Engage 2 Act has existed since 2012 and grew out of a desire for grass-roots, member led activities, events and peer learning opportunities.

In our lives, we're all members of many communities and we see opportunities for both organisations to co-exist. We like to collaborate with many different professional membership based organisations to further engagement practice.

How do I connect with Engage 2 Act?

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