Global Community Engagement Day 2019

Engage 2 Act first founded Global Community Engagement Day in 2018. The day, in which community engagement enthusiasts celebrate around the world, takes place every year on 28 January. You can read about its origins and why we chose that date on our blog

We want to build a community of practitioners and those interested in Community Engagement to help advance the field or practice. Engage 2 Act want to really put Community Engagement on the map and in the minds of all. As enthusiasts of high quality community engagement, we also see it as a great day to celebrate all things community engagement! 

The next Global Community Engagement Day will take place on Monday 28 January 2019 and we invite you to join in in whatever way you see appropriate! We'd love to hear what you get up to via using social media, using the hashtag #commengageday to connect with us! We expect 2019 to be even bigger and better than before with the theme Engaging with Activists!

“We need to get community engagement on the map. We need people to understand it. We need it to become mainstream. Launching a Global Community Engagement Day is one step towards raising the profile and importance of high quality community engagement in decision making and problem solving. ”

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