Your Global Community Engagement Day Blogging Challenge

By Becky Hirst

Profile pics of members of the Engage 2 Act collective across the world

Profile pics of members of the Engage 2 Act collective across the world

Last week we announced that Engage 2 Act has named 28 January as Global Community Engagement Day. 

We want to ‘Make Engagement Great Again’. We want to help advance the practice of community engagement. We want to put community engagement on the map and in the minds of all. This is just one small step that helps to connect the dots and connect people across the globe with a passion for high quality community engagement. 

The stronger we are as a collective of individuals and organisations passionate about high quality community engagement, the higher the likelihood is that we'll make progress in seeing more and more best practice as well as a higher likelihood of our profession and its practice being more recognised in the mainstream, and most importantly, respected. 

We invite you to participate in is the Engage 2 Act Blogging Challenge.

Dr Wendy Sarkissian, known to us at Engage 2 Act as Auntie Wendy, who's birthday formed the date of the annual Global Community Engagement Day as someone who greatly inspired many members of our Collective, has set the theme for the challenge. 

Wendy challenges you to write a short blog (max 1000 words) or a vlog (max 5 minutes) on the topic of INFLUENCE. 

Much like the day itself, you can choose your own adventure within the theme of INFLUENCE. Write or talk about what INFLUENCE means to YOU and YOUR world of community engagement. 

To give you some insights in to Wendy's reasoning for suggesting the topic. Here are some snippets from our email conversations on the matter. 

INFLUENCE: can they show what they have actually DONE as a result of community engagement on whatever plan or project or whatever... we need to see "influence" and results - not just more talk and talk..

She went on to say - 

There is lots to say about the topic of influence. To what extent is community engagement in any context really including outcomes? To what extent is community engagement really making things happen that honestly reflect community views.. and not just the bland majority view? 

Following this, Wendy sent me an article regarding some of her learnings around influence and community engagement which we've shared on our blog to tantalise your taste buds! 

So over to you. Let's get talking about influence (in relation to community engagement!) and see what we can learn from each other! 

To enter the Global Community Engagement Day Blogging Challenge, simply write or record your blog and upload it to your chosen platform. If you don't have your own website or blog, you can post blogs on Medium really easily. Just make sure you let us know it's live by tagging us on Twitter (@engage2act and don't forget to use #commengageday), or posting the link to our Facebook page, in our closed Facebook group, or via our LinkedIn group. Once we've got it, we'll be share share sharing your post across the globe!  

Our favourite entry will win some fun Engage 2 Act merchandise up to the value of AU$50! To be in the running for the prize, entries must be submitted by 11.59pm on Sunday 28 January 2018.

Ps. We've said blog or vlog (that's a video blog) but to be honest, if your creativity lies elsewhere don't let these restrict you. We'd love to perhaps see the odd cartoon, or perhaps even an interpretive dance or two?