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Today and tomorrow, we're beaming out free (un)Conference live video streams of our keynote speeches and our panel on deliberative democracy.  

If you're not coming along to the event, you'll be able to watch along at home or work.

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Times and speaker details have been included below. Hope you can make it! :) 

Note: We apologise in advance for any timing delays and technical issues. If the streams go down for any reason, recordings will be made available after the conference. 

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The event has now concluded, but an archive of the videos is available below...

13 September live streams:

Smart Citizens and the Self Organising Communities of Tomorrow
Speaker: Stephen Yarwood

Passionate about cities and innovation, Stephen is one of Australia’s best-known and respected contemporary Urban Planners who consults internationally on future city trends, urban innovation, leadership and creating positive change. He is considered an international specialist on the future citizen and the relationships between people, technology, infrastructure, society, cities and quality urbanism. Stephen has worked, researched and attended events throughout Australia and in New Zealand, Taiwan, Europe, the Middle East, China, India and the USA. Watch archived recording here. 

Awarding the Wendy Sarkissian Award for Courage in Community Engagement
Engage 2 Act is proud to announce the inaugural award for Courage in the Practice of Community Engagement. Dr (Aunty) Wendy is very dear to us. This award recognises her courageous approach to life and work. Over the years we have learnt a great deal from her and we value her contribution enormously. This award aims to celebrate courage in the practice of community engagement so that we all learn and we all grow. As a result, we will individually and collectively become braver in our professional lives. Watch archived recording here. 

For the Love of the Practice
Speaker: Desley Renton

Desley Renton is a multi award winning community engagement strategist with over 20 years experience both in government and the not for profit sectors. She is also Vice President of the E2A board. Des' experience includes leading the design and implementation of the City of Melbourne Community Engagement Framework and managing a team of specialists that pushed the boundaries of innovation and organisational excellence. Des has a particular interest in organisational change and capacity building. Previous IAP2 International and Australasian President roles has provided her with a unique insights into CE practice at a global level.  She currently runs a CE consultancy based in Melbourne, Victoria. Watch archived recording here.

14 September live streams:

Democratic Innovations Worldwide: Extraordinary ideas to revitalise governance
Speaker: Lyn Carson

Lyn Carson is a former professor in applied politics with the University of Sydney Business School—before that a professor with the Centre for Citizenship and Public Policy at the University of Western Sydney, and prior to that, the inaugural Academic Director of the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney. She is currently Research Director of the newDemocracy Foundation and was one of its founding directors. 

Over the past 25 years, she has convened, facilitated, researched, designed or evaluated many innovative projects including: Australia's first Consensus Conference, Australia's first two Deliberative Polls, Australia's first Citizens' Parliament, numerous Citizens' Juries and Community Summits. Her introduction to formal politics and the challenges of active citizenship began as an elected representative in local government. This experience was the topic of her PhD research: examining how local councillors respond to public participation.  ‘Carson’ has published widely: books, book chapters, and articles on related topics and is currently involved with overseeing and evaluating many projects for local and state governments in Australia. Watch archived recording here.

Panel discussion - Is deliberation the answer?
Panel discussion includes community members, thought leaders and decision makers. Chaired by Chad Foulkes, with Nicole Hunter (Director Fire Light Consulting and Co-Founder MosaicLab),
Professor Lyn Carson and Crikey founder, journalist and former political advisor, Stephen Mayne. The panel will be a great opportunity for delegates to listen, observe and be inspired by real life stories and real time discussion. Watch archived recording here.