Infrastructure & Community Engagement

By Becky Hirst

We're calling those who work in the INFRASTRUCTURE sector in Australia to take part in this important research survey regarding community engagement!

Engage 2 Act is thrilled to be a partner with the University of Melbourne through their Next Generation Project in helping to spread the word about this important work! They’re asking the industry how infrastructure projects can work more effectively with communities.

In this short video, Becky Hirst talks about infrastructure and community engagement. A whopping $100 billion worth of infrastructure projects currently underway in Australia. But did you know that community opposition has caused the suspension, abandonment or mothballing of more than $20 billion in infrastructure projects across Australia over the past decade alone?

It’s so important that we get community engagement around infrastructure project right. For so many reasons!

Watch, do the survey (via and share with your networks!

Deadline for completing the survey: 19 May 2017