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The world of community engagement is ever growing and thanks to the interwebs we are constantly hearing great stories of triumph and examples of best practice in the use of tools and techniques from across the globe.

Many of us will have our favourite way of getting this news whether it be colleague updates on LinkedIn, awesome stories on Facebook, pictures on Instagram or blogs via Medium. We all know where to source those juicy titbits that make us look at our profession and go ‘oh yeah!’. If like our board member, Andrew Coulson you might even like to save some of these stories you read as you feel one day you would love to do something similar – Pinterest is great for this.

But what about those days when you find out you’ve missed a conference that you would love to have gatehashed on Twitter or that moment when you find out that you didn’t know about the latest super-dooper engagement tool all your colleagues are talking about because you’re not subscribed to the right e-newsletter… well fear no more because we have found the answer and the answer is EngagePhase.

EngagePhase is a premium weekly email newsletter that tracks the emerging global community engagement and public participation industry. It basically does all the hard work for you.

Members of the Engage 2 Act Collective tell us they want to hear about and connect with community engagement practitioners and activity around the world. EngagePhase does exactly this.
— Becky Hirst, President Engage 2 Act

Using hi-tech algorithms, sophisticated search engines and good old fashioned word of mouth it pulls together all the hottest community engagement news together from around the world to ensure that once a week your inbox gets the one and only digestible news compendium you will need to enhance your community engagement filled lives.

EngagePhase covers topics such as:

 Industry News
 People on the Move
 Upcoming Conferences
 Competitions & Awards
 Tools & Resources
 Around the Globe
 Professional Development
 Job Openings
 And much much more!

Now the best bit…

Engage 2 Act are very pleased to announce that we have teamed up with EngagePhase to provide their premium weekly email straight to the inbox of every single member of our Collective!

If you’re a fully signed up (free) member of the Engage 2 Act Collective it means for the next six (6) months, as EngagePhase moves in to a paid subscription model, you will be able to sign up and receive EngagePhase and not have to pay a thing… absolutely nothing… nada… it will be delivered to you for FREE!

Members of the Engage 2 Act collective need to keep an eye out for a special email from us in the next few weeks that will include your 100% discount code enabling them to receive EngagePhase for the next 6 months for free.

Only Engage 2 Act members will be able to use the code. If you aren't a member of our Collective yet, sign up today - it's free!

Then once signed up we encourage you to read and enjoy the content of EngagePhase, and most of all contribute content to this great weekly digest about the world we work in!