Rules for Engaging Children and Young People

At the Kidference, we worked with the grown ups to come up with some rules for grown ups who are looking to engage with children and young people on decision making or problem solving. We wrote them all down on sticky notes. Becky grouped everything we'd said in to some overall themes. Here are our RULES for engaging with children and young people!

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Influence and Community Engagement

To use local knowledge, experts need to reassess and change what they were initially planning to do. And change is not something that comes easily. Most experts like to do what they planned all along. Research has revealed that local knowledge that is most likely to be influential in these processes if the knowledge that is most closely aligned with what organisers or experts were already planning to do.

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E2A launches in NSW

Help us to organise free and low-cost E2A events in Sydney and NSW

Earlier in the year, ten of us met in North Sydney for a glass of wine and a stimulating discussion about how local E2A members might collaborate to progress best practice community engagement in NSW.

Now, we're working to establish a network of Sydney-based volunteers to help kick-start E2A in NSW.

Our NSW organisers will meet again in October, where they will discuss ideas for future free or low-cost events for people with an interest in community engagement. 

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